Algasol’s PhotoBioReactor (PBR) technology enjoys world-wide patent recognition of its novelty and acknowledged utility.


Algasol’s PBRs produce, by far, the lowest-cost, algae of any cultivation system.

No other technology delivers on algae cultivation’s “green revolution” potential.

Algasol’s does.


  • Industrial scalability
  • Low-cost materials and deployment (CAPEX)
  • Low-cost operation (OPEX)
  • Deployable on land, lakes or oceans
  • High yield
    Multiple sealed growth compartments

New world-wide patented industry platform for industrial-scale algae biomass production

Algasol’s PhotoBioReactor is made of a thin and flexible polymer material that is positioned in seawater – whether being a seawater pond on land or in the actual sea.

Algasol PBR at work

Compared to alternative closed micro algae systems, the PhotoBioReactor technology from Algasol Renewables contains multiple advantages, including:

  • Full flexibility on location
  • Low cost material and design
  • Industrial scalability
  • Optimal light exposure
  • Highest biomass concentration
  • Low energy consumption
  • Weather protection
  • High CO2 sequestration

Algasol’s commercial sized PBR’s are interconnectable modules, that can be purchased individually. Price list

A world wide patent, including India, Europe and the USA, protects all key aspects of the technology.

Even though the TRL system is not usually applicable in the patent and algae industry. Algasol’s technology is considered to be at TRL 9 due to its patent and technology maturity, industrial readiness, launching of PBRs on over 4,000ha and 3 continents.

Algasol pursues an active partnership strategy in connection with the commercialization of its patented technology and large scale biomass production in Bangladesh. More about strategy »