Visit by OriginOil to Algasol Showcase.


Following SABIC's visit in September, Algasol was privileged to also host Jean-Louis Kindler, Chief Commercial Officer of OriginOil Inc. (OTC/BB: OOIL). Mr. Kindler was impressed by the low-cost (CAPEX and OPEX) and operational efficiency of Algasol's patented Floating PhotoBioReactor (PBR), and reiterated the following remarks:


"Having demonstrated that we can easily harvest algae for fish feed, we have seen that growth systems are the next big problem. Bio-reactors and open ponds present challenges that Algasol's technology for growing micro-algae in floating bags can solve. It is a controlled, low-cost solution, and we are delighted to combine our harvester with their system."

Algasol PBRs to grow cheap, sustainable fish feed.


Algasol is pleased to share below article by Jane Byrne published on Entitled "Novel microalgae production method promises cheap fish feed," the piece highlights our globally patented floating PhotoBioReactor (PBR), based on density difference, and our groundbreaking algae production projects in Bangladesh.