Algasol announces patented AQUA TUTA™ water treatment technology.

AQUA TUTA™ is the most cost efficient (OPEX and CAPEX) realization of a technology called convective reaction, with wide-ranging applications in wash-water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial processed water, and food processing such as dewatering algae during harvest.

AQUA TUTA™’s groundbreaking advancement in cost efficiency dramatically expands the markets for this already rapidly growing technology. Convective reaction’s wastewater/effluent treatment removes contaminants that are generally more difficult to remove by filtration or chemical treatment systems — contaminants such as emulsified oil, total petroleum hydrocarbons, refractory organics, suspended solids, and heavy metals. AQUA TUTA™’s technology, though extremely powerful, is the most cost efficient (CAPEX/OPEX) effluent processing technology in the market place.

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